A to Z

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Daily Absences

  • If your child is not at school, please use the Report an Absence feature within the SKOOL LOOP APP or phone the school office before 9:00 am 03 4429120.
  • If your child is late to school, please have them visit the office to sign in on our Vistab system before heading to their classroom.

Planned Absences

  • If your child/ren is going to be absent during term time for a holiday please complete the ‘Holiday’ form.
  • If your child/ren is going to attend an extra-curricular activity either a one-off or on an ongoing basis please complete the ‘Extra-curricular’ form.
  • If your child/ren is leaving QPS please complete the ‘Leavers’ form.

Adverse Weather Organisation

Occasionally QPS is closed due to adverse weather conditions

After School Care

Queenstown Primary School has an onsite after-school care provider that operates from the QPS School Hall. Please contact Queenstown sKids directly for further information.

  • 020 4183 4181
  • rosie@skids.co.nz

Assembly / Whanau Hui

We hold a combination of whole school assemblies and Whanau Hui’s at Queenstown Primary School – an opportunity for students to sing, be proud of their work and celebrate student achievement with our Mahi Pai Awards.

Whole School Assemblies and team assemblies are held in the School Hall. Information regarding upcoming Assemblies and Whanau Hui’s can be found on our Community Long Term Calendar.

Athletics Sports

Queenstown Primary School has an Athletic Sports day across the whole school.

Yr 1-4 students are placed in mixed gender, age and ability groups for running, jumping & throwing activities. The activities are designed to teach athletic skills that lead to Senior athletic activities, emphasising enjoyment and participation.

Yr 5-8 students are separated by gender and age groups and participate in the high jump, long jump, short sprint, long sprint, shot put, and discus events. Ribbons are awarded to the top 3 placegetters; all students earn points for their house with a house trophy awarded to the winning house. Students have the opportunity to become eligible for the Wakatipu Athletic Sports, and then the Central Otago Championships.

Details will be listed on our Community Long Term Calendar leading up to the event.

Bank Account

Queenstown Primary School’s Bank Account details are below:

  • Queenstown Primary School
  • Bank & Branch: Westpac, Queenstown
  • Account Number: 03 0675 0329146 00

Behaviour Management

QPS is a Positive behaviour for learning in school.  We use Restorative Practices, whereby children are encouraged to be responsible for their actions and understand how their choices impact others and think about what they can do to make it right.

Board of Trustees

The Queenstown Primary School Board consists of the principal, a staff representative and five parent trustees elected by the parent community.  Board members do an amazing amount of work behind the scenes to ensure that the school runs according to legislation – we appreciate their support and the time that they give.

Book Club

Scholastic Book Club keeps the reading momentum rolling all year long by providing children and families with regular access to age-appropriate and affordable books. Our school benefits too! We earn 20% in Scholastic Rewards on all Book Club orders, which help us purchase additional learning and literacy resources. The easiest way for parents to order and pay for LUCKY Book Club is online.

QPS holds an annual Scholastic Book Fair during our parent/teacher interviews. This is a great time to come and purchase books!

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

B.Y.O.D. (bring your own device) is available for students in Years 5-8.

●      There are two core documents (B.Y.O.D. Guidelines and B.Y.O.D. Agreement)

  • These must be read and signed by both student and parents/caregivers before a student can use their device at school.
  • Teachers in Years 5-8 must make themselves aware of the school B.Y.O.D. procedures.

Bus Information

Parents must complete a bus enrolment form online, ensuring all details are entered correctly, including a full physical address.


Queenstown Primary School uses the following methods of communication:

School App – please download the SKOOL LOOP APP from the App store

School Website –The news centre and noticeboard are updated regularly with valuable day-to-day information. Notices and newsletters are also accessible.

School Links Text Messaging System – We operate a text messaging system to enable us to communicate directly with caregivers and parents for any urgent communication.

School Weekly Newsletter – A newsletter is produced every Friday and is emailed to all families. It is also accessible through the school website. This newsletter informs parents of school activities, meetings and other functions.

Class / Team Newsletters – A weekly class/team newsletter is sent home outlining activities, topics and general information.

Facebook – The Facebook page keeps families and the community up to date with happenings at QPS.

Community Long Term Calendar

Our CLTP provides detailed information on upcoming events and important dates as soon as the school has confirmed an event.

Community Projects

We are currently a Silver Award Enviroschool.

Concerns & Complaints

Queenstown Primary School has a concerns and complaint process. Please refer to school docs.


  • 03 442 9120
  • 20 Robins Road, Queenstown 9300
  • office@queenstown.school.nz
  • www.queenstown.school.nz

Cross Country

All students participate in a school cross country event. Reception, years 1 and 2 participate in a non-competitive manner. Yr 5-8 placegetters have the opportunity to compete at Wakatipu and Central Otago zone competitions.

Details are listed on our Community Long Term Calendar leading up to the event.


Queenstown Primary School follows The New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. Our school uses this guiding document to design and review our localised curriculum that meets the educational needs of all our akonga/students. We have a clear commitment to providing quality, differentiated programmes of work that are inclusive and meet the needs of all akonga/students. Through Quality, Perseverance and Success, QPS will grow confident, connected, future-focused learners.

Regular opportunities will be given for whanau to provide feedback on learning opportunities and localised curriculum development.


The Student Cyber Safety Expectations give clear directions and instructions for safe online use that meets the values of our school. All students sign a BYOD/computer use agreement.

Dental Hygiene

Children in New Zealand are entitled to free basic oral health care services until 17 years of age. If you would like your child to receive this free service please click on the below link to complete the online enrolment form.

If you are not a New Zealand resident there is a criterion to be met in order to receive free care, please ask the dental staff before enrolling.

  • 034509370
  • or Freephone 0800 570 300
  • 19A Douglas Street, Frankton, Queenstown

DOTS (Development of Talents)

Students are provided with the opportunity to participate in a variety of different topics with our DOTS programme. 

Development of talents runs on a Friday and allows students in Yr 3-8 to choose areas of the curriculum that they would like further development in. Staff offer a range of activities across the curriculum, eg Sewing, coding, arts and crafts, Sport and many more. The programme is well supported by parents and outside providers who come into school to share areas of expertise. Students opt into 2 sessions that they are passionate about and wanting further development. DOTs sessions are multi level and allow students the freedom to develop the key competencies, skills around self regulation and other 21st century skills. DOT Fridays at QPS are a fun and exciting way for students to end their week.


Edge is our Student Management System (SMS). EDGE Mobile APP can be downloaded from either Play Store (Android) or APP Store (iOS). Search for musac edge.

Once installed you will be asked to make up a 4-digit pin then enter your Edge email and password.

Please download the Edge APP so you can review your student account, track attendance and view your child’s reports.


Our school is part of the N4L network set up by the Ministry of Education to provide high-speed internet. This comes with robust filtering, but all children are expected to respect our school rules for internet usage. A form needs to be signed by children and parents on enrolment and annually for students in Years 3-8. We use chrome books, ipads and Apple MacBooks as a tool to enhance student learning. Students are taught safe internet usage and are guided in their skills to use different programmes, sites and Apps.

Emergency and Evacuation Procedures – Fire, Earthquake, Lockdown

Specific procedures are required to be followed in the event of fire, earthquake and lockdown. QPS undertakes regular practices of these drills so students become familiar with these procedures.

The evacuation assembly point is the school field below the courts.


Detailed information can be found on our Enrolment Information page.

Enviro Schools

Queenstown Primary School has Silver Status as an Enviro School. This means we take care of our environment, reduce waste, recycle and educate our students on caring for the planet.

Click here for further information


Education Outside The Classroom (ETOC) is the name given to all events/activities that occur outside the classroom, both on and off the school site. Our school believes in using a range of environments and experiences to enhance our students’ learning.  We are close to various rich learning environments for our students.


Detailed information on upcoming school events can be found on our Community Long Term Calendar.

Extra Curricular

Trees for Survival
Enviro schools
Science Club
Kapa haka
School Rock bands
Student Leaders
Road Patrol
School Choir
Various School Sports teams
Development of talent day (DOTs) Friday
GATE Programme

Facility Hire

Do you need an affordable venue for your next sporting activity, social function or meeting? QPS has a hall (with a small basic kitchen) available for hire which is centrally located with ample carparking after hours.

First Aid / Sickness

Should a child suffer an accident at School, they will be treated in the first aid room and have a stamp on their hand “I’ve been to the first aid”. If it involves a knock to the head or if it is felt that a Doctor’s advice is necessary then the parent will be contacted immediately. If a child becomes ill at school, the parents will be notified to come and take them home. We have trained first aiders on site.


To assist with the cost of school camps and activities, various fundraising events happen throughout the year. Activities and events generally fall under these categories:

  • Parent Teacher Association
  • Fundraising for Year 6 camp
  • Fundraising for Year 8 camp
  • Student Council (in support of our greater community)

We encourage our community to get behind our fundraising events.

Gifted & Talented

Our policy is to ensure that Gifted and Talented students are recognised, and affirmed and that opportunities are provided for these students to further excel in their area(s) of strength.


We have no formal homework programme at Queenstown Primary School. However, students are expected to read for 20 minutes every night and learn spelling and basic facts as required.

We encourage our students to be active outside school hours and for parents to assist their children by:

  • encouraging reading for pleasure and information
  • listening to their children talk about things that interest them
  • giving them the opportunity to help at home, and
  • encouraging them in their interests.

House & School Leaders

Each year leaders are voted for by and from our Year 8 group of students. These children meet regularly with the Intermediate team leader and are responsible for important leadership tasks across the school.

House Groups

When children are enrolled at Queenstown Primary School, they are put into House groups with their siblings.

Leaving Queenstown Primary School Permanently

Please complete the LEAVERS FORM on our website if you’re wanting to withdraw your child from Queenstown Primary School.


The school has a well-resourced library with a wide range of titles available for use by students in the school. New titles are constantly added. All pupils spend structured class time in the library each week, and pupils can use the library at lunchtime. Books are issued during in-school library sessions. Parents are requested to ensure books are returned to school promptly and in good condition.

To contact our library or to volunteer to help in the library please email library@queenstown.school.nz

Lost Property

Please ensure that all clothing and property are clearly named. The school cannot accept responsibility for lost property but every effort will be made to locate lost items. Items not labeled or named are put in the “lost property” box located in the upper courtyard and you are welcome to check through clothing found and not claimed. At the end of each term, any unclaimed property is sent to our second-hand uniform shop and/or charity shops.

Please name all clothing!


Queenstown Primary School follows the Ministry of Health’s food and drink guidelines for school. We encourage all students to bring litterless lunches.

Parents are able to order lunches on the following days:

  • Monday – sausage and bread (gluten-free available)
  • Wednesday – sushi supplied by local business Kappa
  • Friday – mince pie


All medicine administered to children is dispensed through the school office. Children are not to keep medicine in their bags and self-dose, with the exception of asthma inhalers.

The school will only administer prescription medication to students whose parents have made a formal request. This includes short-term antibiotic courses. A Medicine Authority Form is available HERE and needs to be filled out before medicine can be given.

All medication (e.g., tablets, liquid, epi-pens) must be delivered to the school by parents/caregivers, not by students. Please ensure items are clearly labeled with the child’s name, dose and time to be taken.

Students that have High Health needs will be provided with a High Health Care Plan written in conjunction with parents/caregivers and the SENCO. These documents are held on the medical register and shared with staff.

Pain relief – If you do not wish your child to be given paracetamol (as indicated on the enrolment form), please contact the school office in writing.

Mission Statement

QPS will grow confident, connected, future-focused learners.

Mobile Phones

  • Students can have their mobile phones at school; however, these must be turned off and put into bags upon entering the school site.
  • They are not to be used during morning break and lunchtime and must remain in bags.
  • If it is necessary for a student to use the phone, there is one available at the school office.


Along with classroom instruction, students have the opportunity to join the school choir and/or rock bands. Private music teachers teach lessons on the school premises; many parents take advantage of this opportunity.


School newsletters are sent to parents every Friday via email. Copies of all school newsletters can also be viewed on our website.

Class / Team Newsletters – A weekly class/team newsletter is emailed home outlining activities, topics and general information.

Parent Helpers

There are many occasions when parents are able to help with school activities, and teachers recognise and are grateful for the support they receive at these times. Parents attending ETOC activities will be well briefed by the teacher in charge before departure. Parents attending overnight experiences must be police vetted.


Queenstown Primary School is a Positive Behaviour for Learning School. This means that we have a contract with the Ministry which promotes teachers and students to use positive behaviour as a means of developing a positive school climate.

Policies and Procedures

Our school works in conjunction with SchoolDocs to provide our policies and procedures. SchoolDocs provides a comprehensive core set of policies that have been well-researched and follow the Ministry of Education National Administration Guidelines. The policies and procedures are tailored to our school.

Our board of trustees reviews school policies cyclically. We will advise you when policies are up for review and how you can take part in the review.

If you don’t have internet access, school office staff can provide you with printed copies of the policy.

We invite you to visit the site at https://queenstown.schooldocs.co.nz (note that there’s no “www.”).

Username: queenstown

Password: robins


All parents are encouraged to be part of the PTA. We are always looking for more support, and it’s a great way for you to meet new people and stay informed and connected with school happenings.

Public Health Nurse

Public Health nurses offer a Free and Confidential service and opportunity to discuss anything related to your and your child’s health.

  • Maria Frewen | Registered Nurse | Public Health Nurse

  • Te Punaka Oraka – Public Health Nursing Service

  • Public Health South, PO Box 2180, Frankton, Queenstown, 9349, New Zealand
  • 027 4648990
  • maria.frewen@southerndhb.govt.nz



These will occur, usually in terms 1 and 3, for whānau and teachers to have conversations about learning, better understand the needs of each student and set goals. Information about booking these conferences will be emailed closer to the time.

Online Reporting

Reports are shared with Whānau mid and end of the year. These reports are emailed or made available on EDGE-  our Student Management Program.

Informal Interviews

If you wish to meet a teacher for any particular reason during the school year, please contact the teacher via email for an appointment.

Restorative Practice

QPS is a Positive behaviour for learning school.  We use Restorative Practices, whereby children are encouraged to be responsible for their actions and understand how their choices impact others and think about what they can do to make it right.

Road Patrol

Student volunteers and school staff control the pedestrian crossing on Robins Road from 2:50pm until approximately 3.20 pm, Monday to Friday. These student volunteers are given training by the New Zealand Police. Senior School staff also man the PUDO area and supervise the loading of the school buses.

Pick Up and Drop Off (PUDO)

Pick up and drop off is a busy time of the day. We ask that all parents respect and follow the plan. Most importantly, the PUDO is a No Parking zone, parents stay with their car and do not double park.  The safety of tamariki/children is of the utmost importance.

School Grounds

We encourage our community to respectfully use our school playground and field outside of school hours.

School Hours

School is open Monday to Friday, 8.55 am – 3 pm.  Students are expected to be ready to start their school day by 8.55 am.

All students must be collected by 3.20 pm.

School Starts at 8.55 am
Teaching and Learning  8.55 am – 10.00 am
Brain Break 10.00 am – 10.10 am
Teaching and Learning 10.10 am – 11.00 pm
First Break 11.00 am – 11.30 am
Teaching and Learning  11.30 am – 12.40 pm
Lunch 12.40 pm – 1.30 pm
Teaching and Learning 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm

The school bell rings at the beginning and end of break and lunch and the start and close of the day.

School Shop

Please CLICK HERE to register for our SCHOOL SHOP. Our SCHOOL SHOP enables you to purchase lunches and hats and support our fundraising

School Song / Waiata / Karakia

Detailed information and recordings can be found on our Curriculum page.

Signing In & Out

Students: students are not permitted to sign themselves out on Vistab UNLESS the school office has been advised by the caregiver.

Parents: must sign in at the school office when they come on to our site and sign out when they leave UNLESS they are here to collect a student in which case they must sign the student out and take a card to advise the teacher that the process has been completed.


Queenstown Primary School is pleased to offer students the optional opportunity of skiing or snowboarding- through NZ Ski. Further information is provided in Term 3

Details are listed on our Community Long Term Calendar.

Snow Closure

Occasionally the school may have to close due to snow or adverse weather.

Special Learning Needs

Queenstown Primary School is an inclusive school. Learning support is sorted through the Special Educational Needs Coordinator to be able to provide programmes that cater to various learning needs.


Queenstown Primary School encourages children to participate on a variety of sports and activities. Many of our students take part in after-school/weekend competitions that are run by the clubs (i.e. netball, tennis, miniball, hockey, cricket, soccer and rugby). Throughout the year we host different sports coaches in school

Staff Contact Details

Contact details of all staff members can be found on our School Staff page.


Detailed information can be found on our Stationery page.

Student Accounts

Student accounts are available to view via the EDGE APP. Payments are considered donations and one-third of any donation can be claimed back through the IRD. Statements are emailed once a term.

Items such as sunhats, optional sports etc need to be paid for in advance.

Should you need any financial assistance, please contact Carly in the office at accounts@queenstown.school.nz or pop into the office.

Student Contact Details

Please ensure that you advise the school office if there has been a change of contact details (address, phone or email) so that we can update our Student Management System.

Sunsmart Policy

Queenstown Primary School has a SunSmart Procedure that makes sunhats compulsory in Terms 1 & 4. Hats are a bucket style and are available for purchase via the SCHOOL SHOP. It is important that children take responsibility for wearing and storing their own hats daily. Classrooms have sunscreen available.


All students at Queenstown Primary School participate in a Learn to Swim programme. Junior students use the QPS swimming pool and Year 3 – 8 students are transported to the Queenstown Events Centre.

Information on swimming events is listed on our Community Long Term Calendar leading up to the event.

Terms Dates & Public Holidays

This information can be found  on our Community Long Term Calendar.


The school uniform is compulsory for all students.  The P.E. uniform is compulsory for Year 5-8 students only (there is no P.E. uniform requirement for Year 0-4 students).

All students must wear a hat for all outside activities during Term 1 and Term 4. Students without a hat are required to play in the shade.

Purchase of School Uniforms

  • There is a uniform ‘try on’ shop in the school hall. This is managed by the office team and is open 8.30 am – 9 am on Tuesday mornings.
  • Parents/caregivers can place orders through an online order system.
    Hats can be purchased from the school office at any time.
  • A limited stock of second-hand uniforms are available at the shop for purchase.
  • If you have any uniform you would like to donate please drop it into the School Office.

Vis Tab

Vis Tab is our sign-in and sign-out system. It is important for everyone coming on to the school site to sign in and out at the school office. This is necessary in order to have an accurate account of people in case of an evacuation or emergency.

Year Groups

Year groups are sectioned as follows:

  • Junior School = Reception to Year 2
  • Middle School = Years 3 and 4
  • Senior School = Year 5 and Year 6
  • Intermediate School =  Year 7 and Year 8

Relationships are our primary focus at Queenstown Primary School. Students stay with their teacher for 2 years. This increases a sense of belonging and strengthens relationships with peers and teachers. It also allows for an increase in productivity with less downtime.


Queenstown Primary School has an ‘enrolment scheme’, in other words, is zoned and this gives us the authority to restrict enrolments to families living within the zone. The guidelines for the development and operation of enrolment schemes are issued under Schedule 20, Clause 3 (3) of the Education and Training Act 2020.