The QPS school uniform is compulsory for all students. There are 'mix and match' options available, allowing you to choose items that best suit your child's needs.

 There is a uniform 'try on' shop in the school hall which is open 8:30 am to 9:00 am on Tuesday mornings. If you are unable to come during the specified uniform shop time, please contact the school office on 442 9120.

From the beginning of 2014, the regulation P.E. uniform is compulsory for Year 5-8 students (P.E. shirt and P.E. skort). There are no P.E. uniform requirements for Year 0-4 students. The P.E. uniform is not to be used as part of the regular uniform options. It is for P.E only (students will be given time to change).

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A school uniform promotes a sense of pride, responsibility, and identity within the school and our wider community. All students are expected to wear the prescribed school uniform. 


The prescribed school uniform is to be worn as outlined in the School Uniform Information brochure.

  • Parents/caregivers are responsible for ensuring that their child/ren are provided with and wear the prescribed school uniform.

  • If a student is not in correct uniform, a note to the class teacher must be provided. The acceptable alternative dress must be worn in these cases.

  • Footwear must be appropriate for school activities and predominantly black in colour.

  • Cycle helmets are to be worn when cycling to and from school and within school hours at sport or cultural events.

  • Uniform regulation sunhats are compulsory during terms one and four.

  • The only jewelry to be worn at school is medical alert bracelets, watches, and ear studs.

  • Make up, nail polish and coloured zinc are not permitted.

  • Long hair must be tied back when attending PE, Technology, Science and Cooking classes. 

These steps will apply when the School Uniform procedure is not followed:

  • The class teacher will make the initial inquiry as to why the uniform is not being worn. The answer may clarify the issue.

  • If the answer is unsatisfactory or the student does not wear the uniform as outlined in the guidelines, a standard reminder note will be sent home by the class teacher.

  • If the matter is still unresolved, a member of the senior management team will personally contact the parents/caregivers to clarify the issue.

  • If non-compliance with the School Uniform procedure continues, an official letter will be mailed to the parents/caregivers formally outlining the Board’s procedure.

  • Parents/caregivers may be asked to meet with the Board to resolve the issue.


Is school uniform compulsory? Yes.   

Is the P.E. uniform compulsory? Yes, from the beginning of Term 1, 2014 (Year 5-8 only). There are no P.E. uniform requirements for Year 0-4 students.

Can my child wear the P.E. uniform as part of the regular school uniform options? No. The P.E. uniform is for P.E. only. It is not to be used as part of the regular uniform options. 

What does my child wear if they are representing QPS at inter-school sporting events? Your child needs to wear the regulation P.E. uniform (shirt and shorts/skorts) as well as tracksuit pants and a sports jacket. QPS does have some sports uniforms to lend to students for this purpose, however, if you prefer, you are welcome to purchase your own.  

What about the Sports Jacket? This is an optional item if your child is representing QPS at inter-school sporting events. QPS does have a small number that is loaned out to students for this purpose.  

What is the cost of the school uniform? The items are all competitively priced (see price list)

How much will it cost me to get the basic items? You can purchase a polo shirt, skort or pants, and fleece for approximately on $100.00.  Other primary schools in the area range from $35 - $50 for a polo shirt.

What about wear and tear of the uniform? We have chosen a supplier who supplies a large number of schools throughout New Zealand with the same products.  The navy bottoms do have a 10% fade rate and it is recommended to wash and dry these items inside out and out of direct sunlight. 

Can I mix and match the uniform? Yes, your child can choose between the cargo shorts, 3/4 pants and long pants and then the polo top and fleece/jersey. Navy poly pros can be worn under the uniform as an extra layer. Please remember that the P.E. uniform is for P.E. only and is not to be worn as part of the regular uniform options.  

When can I buy the uniform? The uniform shop (QPS Multi-Purpose Room) is open Tuesday mornings 8.30 - 9am for you to bring your child to try the items on for size and either place your order with the staff at the shop and pay by cash, cheque or credit card or take your form home after trying on and order online. Click here for online order form. 

How long for delivery? The items will take 5 - 10 working days to be delivered.   

What about shoes? Shoes need to predominantly black. These can be either shoes or sandals. Remember that children have some form of P.E. activity daily, therefore their shoes need to be appropriate for sports activity. 

Front Runner, Hannahs, Rockies, Shoe Clinic and local sports shops have all been advised of our uniform and have a range of shoes available.  

What about a winter item for the girls? Our girls are able to wear either a skort with tights or have long pants (either cargo or track pants) for winter.  They can also wear navy poly-pros under their uniform. 

What size range is available? Sizes range from 4 through to 14.  Larger sizes are available, please check the website and our order form.  Click here for measuring guide. 

Where do I get navy tights, socks and poly-pros from? Navy tights, socks, and navy poly pros are available for you to purchase when placing your uniform order.  We also have available pale blue socks for purchase.  Other options for purchasing tights, socks and poly pros are H&J Smiths, The Warehouse, Postie Plus and Rockies. 

What about winter jackets? We have QPS soft shell jackets for you to purchase however if your child already has a winter jacket, it is okay for them to wear this instead. The QPS soft shell jacket is an optional uniform item.

How do I give feedback? Any comments and inquiries can be made to admin@queenstown.school.nz