GATE (Gated and Talented Education) at QPS

At Queenstown Primary School we believe that like all students, gifted learners have particular learning needs. In order to meet the specific needs of this group of students, we provide a differentiated curriculum for students identified as Gifted and Talented. This is about meeting a basic human right by providing an education that meets the need of the individual.

Identification of these students comes from a range of sources including parent identification, test data, staff identification, and performance or clinical testing by a suitably qualified professional.

Key components of effective support for gifted learners:

At Queenstown Primary School we design, develop, and review how we provide for gifted learners and address the five key components:
  • the concepts of giftedness
  • the characteristics of gifted learners
  • how to identify gifted learners
  • provision for these learners
  • ongoing self-review.

Queenstown Primary School addresses each of the five components individually while emphasising their relationships. It outlines the practical requirements, and characteristics of gifted learners, and provides useful background information about relevant practices, theories and research.