Are you interested in becoming a volunteer and part of a small team supporting our school library?

Parents and Caregivers who help in the library make such a difference in our school for all students, staff, and other parents or guardians who visit.

How will you benefit from being a Library Volunteer?

  • Learn our library procedures and how library materials are organised
  • Help with the shelving of fiction and non-fiction books
  • Participate in the reading of shelves (organising and straightening)
  • Clean and dust shelves, counters and tables
  • Be trained to cover and repair books
  • Help select books for displays
  • Help with our annual Book Fair
  • Work with other parents and caregivers and make new connections
  • Gain a feeling of satisfaction in doing a good job 

If you are interested and have some free time, either weekly or fortnightly, we would love to hear from you. Please email Emma Weinert, QPS School Librarian, to let her know your interest and availability, or pop in when you are walking past. Please note all volunteers will be subject to the police vetting process.