Junior Ice Skating 2015

On Week 5 of Term 2 (from 17 May) the Junior children will begin their six weeks of ice-skating at the Queenstown Fun Centre. Each lesson will cost $8.50 and this is to be brought along each week, or $51 for the six lessons may be paid in full. Please send the money to school in a clearly marked envelope. This fee covers the cost of skate hire and professional tuition on the ice. Parents will not be charged.

Below are the days and times your child's class will participate:

Room 1 Wednesday 10.45 11.45
Room 2 Wednesday 9.30 10.30
Room 3 Monday 10.45 11.45
Room 4 Thursday 10.45 11.45
Room 6 Monday 9.30 10.30
Room 7 Tuesday 9.30 10.30
Room 9 Thursday 9.30 10.30
Room 25 Tuesday 10.45 11.45
Room 26 Friday 9.30 10.30

Room 26 - please note your first skating day will be Thursday 20th 12.00 - 1.00pm, thereafter Fridays as indicated in the table above.

Your child will need the following:

  • Fluro vest
  • Warm jacket
  • Waterproof trousers (a ski suit is great)
  • Pair of gloves or mittens
  • A helmet - children are not permitted on the ice without a helmet. There are a small number available at the school. A bike helmet is fine.

Children are not to purchase any food or drinks from the Snack Bar at the Fun Centre. Children are to stay on the ice for the duration of the lesson. Pre-school children are not permitted on the ice during lesson time so it would be ideal if these "little people" can be supervised if the parent is participating.

Parent help is required with transportation, the putting on and taking off of boots, and assistance on the ice. Please be at school 15 minutes before allocated skating times. Please indicate on the slip sent home of your availability and the number of seat belts in your car.

NB - all participants on the ice MUST wear a helmet, this includes staff and parents. Thank you.